Model : AD-100HA

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Air Dryer for 100HP air compressors


  • Made in Taiwan


  • Installing a Pre-cooler first compressed air enter there for cool compressed air before it enter the evaporator, (HA Series only has).
  • Non-fouling heat exchanger maintain perfmace heat-exchanger efficiency and low pressure drop fpr the life of the unit; are fully insulated topreserve cooling effectiveness.
  • High quality refrigeration controls produce consistent cooling temperatures over a wide range of flow and operating conditions.
  • eparator maintains high efficency frum no flow to full flow.
  • Durable condensate drain automatically collects and discharges condensate from the system.
  • All electrcal controls and safety devices to start and protect compressor and fan motor.
  • Refrigeration systemis builtunder strict quality control procedures by experienced craftsmen and includes all. The filter and over loads necessary to ensure long trouble free service.
Flow Rate: 14.5Nm3/min (512SCFM)
Inlet air tem.: 65℃(working)
Environment Tem.: 35℃(working)
Pressure Dew point: 2-10℃
Working pressure: 7kgf/cm2
Refrigerant: R-22(R134a)
Power supply: Tri-phase 220V/380V/440V
Compressor motor: 3HP
In/Outlet Conn: 3"
Physical Dimension (mm): 1200(H) x 700(W) x 1270(D)
Net Weight: 270kg